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  • To help you come closer to ways of saving Earth,
    MAKEECO uses non-bleaching natural pulp and recycling materials, although complicated and expensive and is reluctant to use chemical adhesives.
    We, MAKEECO, only make eco-friendly products in all of the process ranging from planning through completion of products.
    We will make more efforts in developing products with the heart of preserving the environment and will create designs for Earth.

    Your little practice makes the Earth breathe.

    Company Name: MEGACREATE Inc.

    CEO: Cheon Ahn

    Foundation Date:  September 8th 2010 (from Mega Design founded on March 2003)

    Headquarter: #215, 51 Munjungro 2nd Street, Seo-gu, Daejeon, Korea         
    Seoul Branch: #305, Samgyeong Hiville, 106-2, Pildong, Jung-gu, Seoul, Korea

    Business Area:
    Eco-friendly product development, character development, development of eco-friendly package, ecological life style

    Main Copyright:
    Two patents (3 applications) registered, two of the international PCT patent applications, Japan design patent registered, U.S. patent Registered

    Design registration:
    five cases (five applications), two trademarks registered, U.S. design patent application, china design patent application

    Tel: +82-42-535-1591, Fax: +82-42-535-1592, Email: sales@makeeco.co.kr

    " MAKEECO designs for the EARTH "
    FSC is an approval of a means to perform sustainable forest
    management. MAKEECO strives to use approved eco-friendly materials.
    Recycle & Recycle
    MAKEECO uses only recycled or recycling materials.
    MAKEECO is reluctant to use chemical adhesives.
    MAKEECO tries to minimize the use of chemical adhesives,
    the main culprit of environmental pollution.